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Just in case you were wondering, this is a happy post. Don't worry, I'll probably be mixed about some episode of Supernatural sometime soon. Maybe.

I loved it all. Except for the whores. That, I could have done without.

First of all, all the references:

OMG STAR TREK 4, OH DEAN, WE ALREADY KNEW YOU WERE A GEEK, BUT IT'S ALWAYS NICE TO HAVE PROOF. Also, that expectation that everyone else has obviously seen that in the room? I know that feeling well.

This conversation might have happened last night:

[personal profile] sistabro : I can't believe that they based their plan off of Star Trek!
Me: I can't believe they based their plan off Star Trek and it worked!

And I'm not sure what's dorkier: Dean's Star Trek moment or Bobby having only seen Deep Space Nine. Don't make me choose.

But then there were all the Back to the Future references: The clothes (Dean was pretty much wearing what was 'authentic' in Back to the Future 3, not to mention the local's reactions to the clothes), the fedex package, Clint Eastwood, a few other things I probably missed

And all the other references: Various Clint Eastwood movies, Blazing Saddles, the Gunsmoke title sequence! I'm not sure who had more fun with this episode, Me, the writers, or Dean. Probably Dean. He was so proud of his black leather duster and stenson. Oh, Dean.

I loved how Sam was pretty much laughing at Dean the entire time. That is, until he had to get on that horse. Poor horse.

Okay: the rest of the episode (by which I mean Cas)

It was a good day for my OTP (Meaning Cas/Regrettable Things). TheirloveissocanonOMG

Whenever Cas kills an angel, I'm stuck thinking about his reaction to Uriel in season 4. He's come so far. I don't think Cas is evil, any more than Season 4 Sam was evil. He knows what he's doing is wrong. Otherwise he wouldn't have lied about it. It's just, I don't think he sees another way. If he loses, Raphael wins, he dies, and the apocalypse happens. Then what was the whole point of all that suffering? All of those deaths. So he needs to win. He's gone too far to stop now.

And plus, he was never really good at changing goals. He's an angel, choice is kind of foreign to him anyway. He has a goal, he will do whatever it takes to achieve it. No matter what. I don't think his actions are right, I just thing that they make a compelling story.

I liked Rachel. I wished there was more of her before she got killed off. I want to know her backstory: why she was around. Why she joined up in the first place. I want her and Balthazar to listen in on Dean's prayers to Cas and try to figure out why he likes those mudmonkeys so much anyway. I want to know if all of the angels on Cas's side pick more casually dressed hosts deliberately. Is that their idea of a uniform?

And finally: Cas touched Bobby's soul, Hur dur hur hur hur.
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