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Doctor Who:

First thoughts:




Second Thoughts:

Well, damn. That’s one way to start off the series. Let’s kill off the immortal main character within the first ten minutes! It’ll be fun! And then we can end on a cliffhanger! Way to make an entire fandom froth at the mouth, Moffat (in a good way. Mostly. Why isn’t it next week yet?)

I don’t know if I always like River (she’s okay, so long as she’s not flying the Tardis better than the Doctor), but I feel for her. The Doctor is pretty nasty to anyone he doesn’t see as one of his own-it’s got to be rough to be automatically considered an insider the first time you meet him, and then pushed out again.

Amy and Rory! I have no coherent thoughts on this, other than I love them both. Not sure how I feel about Amy being pregnant, other than it probably means doom for at least some of the people involved, and therefore I don’t like it. :(

Mark Sheppard! In an American accent! It’s weird, I nearly didn’t recognize him at first. I loved his character (it’s a police box that could travel through space and time? How long has Scotland Yard had this?), and I kind of want him to continue travelling with the Doctor, even though I know it’s impossible because Mark Sheppard has to be in everything ever. I sort of automatically assumed the ‘getting married would be a crime’ banter meant gay as well, even if it’s kind of anachronistic in 1969. Interracial marriage would make a lot more sense, period-wise, depending on how long he’d been out of the bureau (Virginia vs. Loving was only two years before).

The silence are sufficiently creepy, yes. I admit I was mentally shouting at Amy to check her cell phone through half of the episode. I also have no real clue what they are. Or what the astronaut is. Or what’s going on? Or why it’s not next week yet!

Game of Thrones:

Or the series where learning a new position for sex counts as a major plot development (to be fair, as far as I can tell, the entire realm had only one sexual position before that). Uh, was that slave girl supposed to be Mirri? Because that’s kind of a different backstory for her, from what I remember.

I’m glad they only introduced three characters this episode: I was scared they’d get to King’s Landing and the Wall in this episode, and we’d get another seventeen all at once. But apparently that’s not until next episode, at least!

The opening credits do change depending on the locations! That will continue being helpful later in the series.

Oh, Jon Snow. He’s so out of his depth when he’s talking to pretty much anyone in the series: everyone else seems to have a better idea of what he signed up for than he does. Then again, I don’t blame him for running away from Catelyn. I’d forgotten exactly how. . . much she could be. And in general, she comes off as even worse when it’s not her point of view: she changed awfully fast from not wanting to leave Bran’s side to going on a secret mission, didn’t she?

One of these days Ned’s going to have to have a conversation

Also: poor Rickon. I know that a six year-old doesn’t get much to do, but they could at least put him on screen for more than two seconds

And :((((((( Lady. I knew it was going to happen, but still. Lady! Sansa didn’t deserve you.
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