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*On the making of the Game of Thrones Opening Credits. Also, the heavy metal version of the Game of Thrones theme, over the opening.credits: AWESOME

*One Hundred Articles You Should Read Available online.

*On The Doctor, Influence, and Violence.

*Watch Mark Sheppard through the ages

And not a link, but a random thought: If Balthazar decided to envessel Tyrion Lannister, would anyone notice the difference? Up to and including the point where Balthazar-as-Tyrion angel-teleports away. My guess is no.

*Nitpick first: I hate voiceovers. All the time. I'd call it irrational, but no: it's mostly rational. It's all tell, no show. We were told things we weren't seeing, while watching the episode's main character watch everyone else. I get it's a noir thing, but I still hate it. I'd have been okay if it was just in the intro and final five minutes of the episode. But I didn't need to be told that Cas was prideful over and over again: his actions said that. Trust your actors and your audience, show-ditch the VO. Plus, VO over old clips just reads like a clip show to me. :(

*That being said: THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY SHIP CANON OMG. There were plenty of 'no heterosexual explanation' moments between Dean and Castiel. Lots. I lost count. Sam is apparently Lois Lane to Castiel's Superman. He touched Bobby's soul that one time, and really likes beating up Crowley. But in the end, Castiel can't turn away. He has to go back to his true love: Castiel/Regrettable Things. Oh, he wish he knew how to quit them. Regrettable Things totally has a whole notebook full of hearts around Castiel's name. It's just meant to be.

*OH GOD ALL THE THINGS THEY MADE CANON THIS EPISODE: The skulking around. Castiel before the dawn of humanity, interacting with nonhumans. Castiel trying to bring free will to the angels. Castiel going to Dean when he was with Lisa but not being able to disturb him, because he wanted Dean to get what he wanted, for once.
*And the guilt: the way he couldn't look anyone in the eye, and was avoiding them, and Dean wanting to look out for them.

*Okay, if Castiel is really skulking around the entire time, does he just flap his wings a couple times for the fluttering when he 'reveals' himself? Because that's totally the equivalent to a three year old tiptoeing away from a door and then stomping back to pretend he wasn't there the entire time.

*CROWLEY!!! I seriously thought he was gone, and I'd been okay with it. But him being smart about the Winchesters, and the list of former villains, and the redone waiting room in hell (because nobody likes to wait). Oh, I did really miss him.

*Dean, Christ. I love his morality sometimes: you're family, you're good. Anyone else, it depends. If you're doing something wrong, we'll find a way around it, even if there is no conceivable way. And the ' just stop, for me', and Cas doesn't stop, because he can't, but he still tries to explain it. Castiel needs Dean to believe that they're on the same side, still, no matter what. The 'I'm doing this for you, I'm doing this because of you' lines-they're so true, and Castiel's tried to hint at this before, in the titanic episode.

*And Dean with Castiel in general-not believing that he could be betraying them, being so concerned about him being in danger. And calling him family :D :D :D :D And then trying to hurt him in any way possible at the end. And the apologies.

*Castiel telling Sam that he was the one to get him out of Hell, and Sam's reaction. You KNOW that Castiel was saving that one, he thought it would be a trump card, some sort of proof that he wanted it to go right. But it backfires, and Cas just can't understand why they don't see. . . and Sam, jumping to a reasonable conclusion, even if it's the wrong one. Ouch. Ouch ouch ouch ouch.

*There's probably more, but I really have to get my ass in bed, but damn, this hurt in all the right ways (except for the voiceover)

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