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So I just cleared out an update I meant to make over a month ago, before I got distracted and did Other Things with my life.

It should be noted that the first thing I was talking about on that page was Skyrim.

So, quick run down of various things.

Homeland: Liked it, which isn't surprising considering how much I love a) ambiguous protagonists, b) TV that doesn't telegraph too far ahead, and even makes you feel bad for your own internalized expectations, c) Claire Danes being off-kilter, d) Mandy Patinkin being a surrogate father to a blonde girl, and e) David Marciano being Ray Veccio (in admittedly less flashy clothing).

Knitting: Have mittens! Still waiting for winter. (except today, which ended up being too cold for this pair of mittens...)

Goodreads: After having been on it since 2007, I'm actually using it now. You can add me here. I have some actual reviews to post soon, too. Because I need to talk to as many people about these books as humanly possible.

Skyrim: Still playing. Still crazy immersed in it. My character seems to make most of her money selling jewelry, which amuses me to no end, as she's otherwise a tank. For the most part, I like the sandbox feel to it, but I wish there was a little more societal differentiation in it-I get asked if I think if Skyrim should kick out all the non-Nords a lot, and ... I'm not a Nord. And the quest where these mysterious strangers were looking for a Redguard woman was unintentionally hilarious.

Letterhead: Totally trying to see if I can get away with writing letters on some of these.

Self-Cest Commentic meme: Just in case you ever wanted to write about (or read about) someone making out with another version of themselves, go here. In other news, I love that this is a thing.

More later. I need to get myself a pop and then watch supernatural now. Anyway: Hi guys. What's new with you?
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