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Aug. 30th, 2012 11:39 am
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Doing this in a numbered list, because.

1. Most of the reason why I've been gone is that I haven't had a computer with steady internet access at home since mid-June. I was busy moving, and then I moved, and now I just don't have internet access in the study. Working on that!

2. Before I start talking about me, I should point out that Rocksalt-recs is still looking for a D/C reccer for September. So. Are you the sort that likes reading D/C? Do you like telling people what to do? Now's your chance! Fanfic, fanart, fanmixes, podfic, amigurumi, it's all okay. I'm going to be reccing minor character stuff in September, so I can't do it myself.

If I'm too late, then you should totally sign up for October. Or November! Rec things, people.

3. Also, if you have any recs for minor character stuff that you think I should read and then maybe rec, go for it! I promise nothing (and if you want to sign up to rec minor character stuff in the future, that's also a good idea).

4. Part of the other reason why I've been kind of awol is that I'm also on tumblr. Here. Uh, it's not that fannish? Occasionally fannish? Are adorable kitten pictures a fandom? It's a little more political than here, though not overwhelmingly so? It's usually me passing on other information, rather than just straight up statements. Mostly, because if I were to make statements, I'd feel the need to discuss them and allow for that, and it still feels awkward on tumblr.

Fact is, Tumblr isn't great for conversations. It's great for a lot of other things, but not discussion, so it's a lot more id-like for me? It's great low-energy interaction, but ultimately, I find it a lot less satisfying than here or even twitter.

This is a long winded way of saying that I miss you guys. But you should totally check out my tumblr if you like pictures of adorable animals and yarn.

5. So, around SDCC I was watching a lot of videos of panels for shows I watch, and I came to a very startling realization. And it is this: Ben Edlund is a Muppet. This has nothing to do with his writing style or content, or a reflection thereof. But just. Let's look at the facts: The honking laugh, the ridiculous hair that constantly escapes to the front of his face. The spindly, vaguely disproportionate limbs that have a tendency to flail away from his body. What he says and how he says it; the odd, vague digressions and the constant exaggerated stoner drawl.

He's totally a fucking muppet.

And so a proceeded to tell everyone that I talked to that Ben Edlund was a muppet for, like, two weeks. It was Gospel that needed to be heard. I think I mentioned it to my boss in our one-on-one meeting. My knitting group knows. My boyfriend knows, and my roommate was told, twice. I was this close to creating a tumblr dedicated to the idea that Ben Edlund being a muppet, but luckily for all of you (and possibly Ben Edlund), I am lazy.

Anyway, I also had a birthday sometime in there, and [personal profile] whynot, as she is an infinitely wonderful person, wrote me this. Read it. It is glorious. It is my favorite thing, and you should all bask in the gloriousness of it.

6. Like everyone else in the universe, I've been watching Teen Wolf. I'm stuck halfway through season two while I wait for my internet connection to come back, and mostly, I find it hilarious. 90% of that is Derek. I'll totally talk more about my teen wolf headcanon in the comments, but the only ship I've really seen in the canon is Allison/Kate. Lydia is my favorite, but I kind of like everyone, especially Jackson completely failing at being normal.

7. I'm also watching Alphas, the first season, and ... I don't know? I almost feel like I could get into it, and I love the character of Dr. Rosen, but everyone else feels so shallow. I really hate how the characters map out to their abilities (the autistic kid is good at computers, of course he is, and of course the black dude gets physical strength through anger). But it's a steady procedural, and something nice to watch at the end of the day.

8. I'm in the middle of knitting blankets upon blankets, which may one day drive me insane. Why I'm doing this in the middle of the summer, I have no fucking clue.

That's it for now. But... hi guys! How are all of you doing? Still checking lj/dreamwidth? How's that going for you?
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