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 My downstairs neighbors have decided to put manniquin heads on one of the giant piles of snow on our front lawn.  I'm not wondering where they got the heads from (I think it's the next door neighbors with a giant igloo on their front lawn-they had some mannequin arms out a while ago-otherwise, Ax Man), but I am wondering how long they're planning to keep them there.  Are they going to let them get covered by the next few inches of snow?  Are they going to let them tumble around when the thaw comes, get half-buried in the mud?  Or are they going to carefully monitor their upkeep over the next few months, brushing the snow out of their mannequin hair?

My neighbors on the other side of us from the igloo made a really lovely ice sculpture.  I'm not quite sure how me and my boyfriend managed to become the squares on this block, but I don't really mind.  I just wish I had some more free time so that I could contribute.

Anyway:  voice meme!

. . . which I managed to fuck up.  I did this in three separate parts, but mangled the first two trying to splice them together in audacity (grargrarinterfacegrar).  Since I don't know the next time I'll be alone in a quiet place, I'll just post the part I managed not to mangle.  You'll get the general idea anyway.  Also, since I did this on my cell phone, the sound quality is horrible.  

What I was supposed to do:

Voice Meme Instructions! )
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The next time I try knitting two socks at the same time on circulars, I will be EXTREMELY sure of the number of stitches I'd like before I finish casting on.  Squinting and thinking 'maybe five or six more' doesn't really work with this method . . .

still have no free time.  Attempting to catch up on reading/watching while knitting.  Will be out of town this weekend.  If you're expecting anything from me, I'm probably not avoiding you, I'm just kind of overwhelmed at the moment.
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