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Today I found out that there's a spinning wheel part called 'the mother of all'. (it's the bit that holds the bobbins and the flyer). I don't know how this escaped my notice before.
Longish talk about the last two weeks of Doctor Who will go up later: this entry got kind of long. Meaning it's five pages in word. Uh, whoops?

Overall: I really, really liked the first hour and a half, but was less enthused by the second half of the second episode.

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So, I was planning to make a 'it's gotten above freezing-it's a heat wave!' post, but then we had an actual heat wave. For a week. The igloo's roof collapsed. The ice sculpture has gone from this five feet tall unwitting homage to beekman tower to a couple of six-inch high spikes. The mannequin heads have been brought back inside (apparently my downstairs neighbors made a decision not to move them around, so they got covered by layers of snow and then slowly rediscovered-random bits of flesh exposed as the snow slowly melted.)Yesterday I thought 30 degrees felt cold.

It's still mid-February. That's just not right. I'm almost glad for the temperature plunge and the next round of snow coming up.

I'm apparently four months late in reccing this, since apparently it was everyone's twitter-darling around Halloween, but if you like horror and aren't allergic to comics, check out His Face All Red by Emily Carroll. If you're more interested in romance, there's also Anu-Anulan and Yir's Daughter, which is super cute.

So apparently google has a lot of neat gadgets to help you create fancy-looking interactive charts with not that much work. I don't have enough time to play around with this now-but I'm leaving it here just in case any of you do. I'm expecting you to use your powers for good. Or at least for lulz.

The American Festival Project- Photo essays of America's lesser known local festivals. I really hope they add more to this-it's a great idea.

Alan Taylor, the guy who used to do the Big Picture (my favorite news photoblog that I keep on linking to because it's pretty damn awesome) has moved to here. Now with a 1280 px option for extra pretty! The Big Picture is still going on, with a revolving set of editors.

Felicia Day as an elf in a webseries spinoff for Dragon Age. Hi, my name is Switchbladesis and I am a giant fangirl. Interview with Felicia Day about this can be found here.

Speaking of which-apparently there's going to be a walking dead game? Considering this is telltale games making it, I'm guessing it's more of a point-and-click adventure than a first person shooter. The same release mentioned a fables game (like the comic-not fable 4), which means I'm reimagining Snow White and Bigby as Sam and Max.

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First, the fandom related one:    Cosmic Love, song by Florence and the Machine, vid by [info]affablyevil   Awesome song, awesome clip selection, Cas-centric.  

Random links on Chicago (it's been coming up a lot lately.  Not just on the internet, but coworkers asking me for sightseeing ideas, friends asking me why I think Daley's stepping down, other friends asking me to explain white sox fans . . you get the idea)

I am Chicago is a series of street portraits grouped by neighborhood.  Not all of the neighborhoods are covered (most of them seem to be on the north/west sides, but it's an interesting mix.

Vivian Maier was a street photographer in Chicago from the 1950's-1990's.  Here's a selection of her pictures.

So this project was making the rounds a few weeks ago, based on this image of segregation in Chicago by Bill Rankin.  And while the racial segregation was interesting, I'm a lot more surprised at the income tab (on the Bill Rankin site, click on income).  Sure, there's still large blocks of mostly-blue (and one large block of mostly-red on the north shore), but it's far more integrated by income than it is by race.  I was saving this one for a while, trying to figure out what to do with it-but I'm not sure where to go.

The first link's nice too-a little less detail, but it's a nice way to compare the makeup of various American cities.  Unsurprisingly, Minneapolis/St. Paul is pretty damn white, but still in need of a Native American tag.

Via Jewcy of all places, a New York Times article on Rahm's chances for becoming mayor.  I personally think that he's not likely to win-the ties with the President are more likely to hurt than help him (liberals blame him for giving away too much to the Republicans, conservatives think he's a bully, and the people in the middle are largely machine voters).  I'm still really excited to watch this.  A real mayoral election!  In Chicago!  the last time something close to that happened, I was four.

Also on Jewcy:  Schmekel is your friendly neighborhood transgender jewish polka-punk band.  Look, if you're going to have a shtick, you better make it good.  Here's a song called Pharaoh/Moses slash. Yes, it's what you think it is.

In other music related news, this makes me die a little inside.  D:  Oh, Moe.  No.  No, Moe, No!

And now for something completely different:  How to degauss a cat.

If that's not enough, here's a dog that will do the dishes, the laundry, and start the coffee for you. 

Other Youtube Videos You've Probably Already Seen, but Just In Case:


The It Gets Better Project.  Just in case you've somehow missed this, it's been everywhere, but it's worth linking again.  
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. . .

boyfriend just informed me that I'm like, two months late with this shit.  Whatever.  I'm still posting.



Things I learned from these movies:

1. If you are in a horror film, remember to dress wisely. If you’re male you’ll get most of your survival powers from your six-pack-try to have your shirt open at all times. If you’re female, you’ll want some sensible ‘science’ gear. Cargo pants and a tank top are also acceptable-remember, you want to show off one, but not both, of your assets (T or A, not T&A). Wear a bikini at your own peril.

2. A stick is a much better weapon than a knife, crowbar, scythe, AK-47, or grenade launcher. If the stick fails, try a different stick. Or a set of aluminum knitting needles.

3. Government contracts can be negotiated poolside in Mexico-no signatures required. This might require the presence of a magic sombrero.

4. All civilians should be visibly drunk when meeting with high-ranking military officers.


6. There is nothing more important than the comic book convention. Go to the comic book convention.

7. If you want to kill someone, go for the leg. People can survive multiple head wounds and getting stabbed in the chest with few ill effects, but one jab to the leg will get anyone. Or just tackle them.

8. If you suspect that you’re being hunted down by an entire town of crazed cultists, GO TO THE NEXT TOWN FOR HELP. Don’t ask someone else from the same town!

9. 90% of the resort-goers in Puerto Vallarta are women aged 18-25. Unless sharktopus only attacked the young lesbian beaches.

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Don't know if there's anybody here who isn't already involved, but figured I'd spread the word. It's everything you think it'll be and more!
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I don't even know what happened to today. It was just 11 am a few minutes ago. . . Am still sick. Have surpassed the cat in laziness. Am ready to be well again.

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What I learned from this film:
1.  Living with your abusive rapist of a husband and his lover is totally a happy ending, because you get to still have contact with your children (except for the one, but it’s a bastard, so it doesn’t count).

2.  A corollary to number 1: sleeping with your best friend’s abusive rapist of a husband is totally ok, if you do it for the children.

3.  It’s not a lesbian makeout scene if one of them is thinking about a guy. Or, I guess, if you’re doing it for the children.
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It’s been a hard, hellish week. Therefore, there was Troll 2.

Yes, this film:

You might think that this is the lulziest part of the film. You might even hope that this is the case. But you’d be wrong-so, so very wrong.

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What I learned from this film:

1. Vegetarians are evil.
2. Stonehenge might be thousands of years old, but it would be destroyed if anybody bothered to touch it (also, a source of evil powers).
3. Corn is evil-but sexy!
4. Green food coloring makes something organic-and evil.
5. You should never leave the suburbs

In conclusion, this was a very educational film and accurate portrayal of America under the Reagan administration.  I think everyone should watch it.
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