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Today I found out that there's a spinning wheel part called 'the mother of all'. (it's the bit that holds the bobbins and the flyer). I don't know how this escaped my notice before.
Longish talk about the last two weeks of Doctor Who will go up later: this entry got kind of long. Meaning it's five pages in word. Uh, whoops?

Overall: I really, really liked the first hour and a half, but was less enthused by the second half of the second episode.

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Things I didn't like )

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I think I'm going to need some sort of Game of Thrones-themed icon. But what? Maybe swords. Or that dead deer.

Initial reaction: I liked it. It was so close to the books that I have a hard time reviewing it on its own (and I can imagine it was mega-confusing for people who haven't read them before), but damn was it pretty.

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 Yes, yes, I know, LJ is still shaky and I still need to reply to everything in my last entry, but. . . 





I get kind of excited just reading the warning for explicit content, not gonna lie.
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I haven't been able to go more than a block from my house all weekend (20 inches of snow in less than 24 hours followed by a high of 3 degrees. . . before you factor in the 20 mph winds? Yeah, I'm staying indoors), but I have not idea what I've been doing with my time. Or how it's already Sunday afternoon. Wasn't it just Friday night?

Also, I'm kind of bummed that the gigantic snowstorm of doom had to happen on the weekend-I would have liked to have my first ever snow day from work. Because I'm still 12.

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Reaction to the first episode of Misfits:

Boyfriend:  So, this show is all about what the Tomorrow People would have been like if they were all douches?
Me:  Pretty much.
Boyfriend:  Awesome.

Walking Dead 1x06 )

PS:  Am listening to this, think you should all know.

Also this. Oh God, it's Sophomore year of college all over again.  Warning:  highly catchy.
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Currently watching on Netflix:  Top Gear!  I don't know if my complete lack of understanding of cars or car culture is making this show better or worse.

Currently knitting:  Butterfly hat in malabrigo.  I might have a few more ends to weave in the layering shrug, but .  . . malabrigo.  It's so soft, and squishy, and ooh. . . 

Currently listening to:  Romantica, America  This is shaping up to be one of those purchases that seemed like a good idea after an awesome set, but isn't actually anything I want to listen to on a day to day basis,  

Currently open in other tabs:  Somewhat old article about what it's like to be black in Utah.  It came up earlier.
Clothes on Film A collection of essays about. . . clothes on film.
The political implications of fast vs. slow zombies.
A dozen job applications I said I'd finish this weekend.  Whoops.

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