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It's been a while since I've done one of these: most of the items I've knitted recently were either gifts or not-quite-finished (note to self: finish braids on beard hat). These were also a gift, but gave me permission to post them anyway. These were a thank you gift made for [personal profile] esteleth

Leafy hat and scarf-just in time for summer! (whatever, my timing is awesome) )
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The next time I try knitting two socks at the same time on circulars, I will be EXTREMELY sure of the number of stitches I'd like before I finish casting on.  Squinting and thinking 'maybe five or six more' doesn't really work with this method . . .

still have no free time.  Attempting to catch up on reading/watching while knitting.  Will be out of town this weekend.  If you're expecting anything from me, I'm probably not avoiding you, I'm just kind of overwhelmed at the moment.
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