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Spoilers: I liked this one, except for maybe the pacing.


Um, doing this by character, since I don't really know how else to put this.


So, I wished that the last episode was more like this one. Maybe not this drastic, but something closer to this? Sam to be even more out of it, to be reacting more to things that aren't there, instead of just talking about them.

I loved Lucifer through the entire thing. How it wasn't even obvious torture, it just felt like the equivalent of your little brother poking you all the time to get a reaction. The music cues were excellent. I loved the showtunes (and the callback to the last episode), but also the use of Wake Up Little Suzy. And the bored expression as he set off the firecrackers!

I liked the girl, Meredith? And I loved the way that Sam was with her-he's losing his mind, he's convinced that he's dying, and he's certainly not in the position to tell anyone that 'it gets better'. But he still finds a way to help her. I would have loved one final scene with her, to see if she gets out or not.

And finally... so, throughout the entire season, I've been waiting for Sam to simply dismiss something that is real as a hallucination. Which, okay, I was hoping it would happen to Dean for maximum heartbreak, but it finally happened! And Cas's 'oh, Sam's' after that and his apologies that Sam couldn't even comprehend. Yes, they were just angsty enough for me.




Okay, that's over with.

I loved the reveal of Emmanuel=Cas. I loved that he was still pretty Cas-like as a healer, still without a sense of humor and not getting the references. I love how embarrassed he was about being found naked, and how he was still pretty zen about everything that was going on (the '... I don't feel like a bad person', OMG), even after Meg got in the car, he was just O.O about the entire thing, but still going along with it.

And then he got his memories back OMG. The music (the Yardbird's Turn into Earth) was perfect, and the editing with the lights. And Castiel looking so damn confused as to what was going on when he was exorcising the demons, like he didn't really know why what was happening was happening, but it was working so he'd go with it anyway.

And then and then and then his guilt and okay, I'll talk more about that in the Dean section.

But then the trenchcoat! I loved that it looked like it was probably moldy and still covered in bloodstains, like Dean hadn't even bothered to let it dry. And how awkward it sat on him, but that he put it on anyway.

So, uh, how did Castiel get admitted, exactly? Did Dean say 'yeah, guess what! My brother is mysteriously cured! But I got another one for you'. Did he walk out and walk back in to get admitted?

I want to know what the deal is with Daphne. I'm hoping she returns again, because as it stands, I don't really see the point of her character. BUT. Just ... who marries an amnesiac after four months? Not in a bad way, I'm just curious about the headspace of that character, because I can't understand it without it somehow being pretty dysfunctional. Does she have family? Friends? What are they like? What do they think about it? Is she a leviathan? Was she a Godstielist? Does she know what happened to him after this episode; did the Winchesters remember to call her?

I want her to go searching for Emmanuel and find Amelia. I want her to be devout and earnest while Amelia is cynical. I want to write about her so badly. I just sort of want to justify her existence, I guess.



So, really, he spent a lot of time either drinking or reacting to things this episode. Which makes sense, since there was a lot of other ground to cover, and a lot of function was connective tissue.

But then, there was that one scene, where right after Castiel gains his memories, and he tries to just walk away from it all (to do what, exactly? I'm not sure, but it sounded self-destructive), and Dean has to talk him back. So I've been watching Deep Space Nine, and the last episode we got around to watching was Duet. And, without spoiling too much, there's a great scene there where two characters are discussing atonement through death vs. atonement through deeds, and the ultimate point was that, on some deep emotional level, atonement through death might feel better, but it doesn't actually solve much. Those deeds are done, and nothing has been solved. And it's something that's talked a lot about in SPN, too, not necessarily vengeance, but the value of a life vs. throwing it away, and what they should do to get it back.

It's just, those scenes worked really well for me.


God, I love this character. I love her daddy issues, and that she does seem fond of her toys. I love it when she pervs on everyone and makes them sexually uncomfortable. I only wish that she had a chance to interact with Sam, especially when he was crazy. But, Nurse Meg. OMG. I want her to be creepy and horrible to everyone, but still be affectionate, in a weird, twisted way.

I want Meg messing with Castiel in the hospital, fucking with him to see if Hallucifer reacts, then demanding that Castiel tell her what Hallucifer says. She just misses her daddy so much, you guys. She wants to be with him again.

Legend of Korra, episodes one and two:

So, this is available legally now here (or here, for those who aren't in the US). Yes, I realize most of you just downloaded this last week.

First off. God, I love the art direction and music in this. The blending of styles, of a sort of steampunk 1930's Shanghai with futuristic skyscrapers, the art reminding me of nothing more than Cowboy Bebop, the clothes and fedoras. And god, the music. Some of the tracks are featured here, and I just need them in my playlist as soon as possible. It's just a really well constructed show.

The writing is pretty amazing, too. Nothing is that much of a surprise, since this is all setup work, but I think they did a good job of making Korra likable enough, though not Aang-like, and with a lot of room to grow. She feels like a teenager. And Tenzen kind of reminds me of early seasons Giles a bit, in that he's obviously serious, but not unwilling to change or make accommodations.

I also loved the 'leave on a wind' scene, though a) it reminded me of Serenity, and b) it reminded me a LOT of Spike's 'be like water' scene in the second episode of Cowboy Bebop (which, I think was in turn taken from a Jackie Chan movie?).

Tenzen's eldest may be my new life coach. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her 'I make no such promises line', and her asking about Zuko's mother (gah, the writers are such trolls).

I think the only thing I feel a little awkward about is exactly how much Mako is being pushed as a love interest. Which, well, maybe it'll be okay. Also, confirmation that Sokka is dead ;_;

So, in general: not the same as the first Avatar, but of the same quality, and I'm definitely ready for more of it. And more fedoras. <3  God, I'm totally going to need a fedora icon for the series, aren't I?
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