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It's been a while since I've done one of these: most of the items I've knitted recently were either gifts or not-quite-finished (note to self: finish braids on beard hat). These were also a gift, but gave me permission to post them anyway. These were a thank you gift made for [personal profile] esteleth

Leafy hat and scarf-just in time for summer! (whatever, my timing is awesome)

The hat-this was a leaf border that I got out of a book of finishing techniques-one of those things that I always thought looked really neat but never knew when I'd actually have a chance to use them. The answer: hat borders. apparently.

The hat border, by itself.

So yeah, made the border, picked up stitches from the border, and then knit a plain stockinette cap because I didn't do anything fancy like actually count the stitches when I was picking them up. Also, I would have to come up with a pattern or something.

Unfortunately, the lace border bit needed to be blocked. So I found myself blocking a hat. A hat, people. I get irritable about having to block things like socks, or shrugs, or cardigans. Blocking is just another step, and inevitably my cat decides it's an awesome idea to sleep on the blocking object. Maybe kneed it a bit. Or play with the T-pins holding it down. Blocking should only happen when absolutely necessary. Hats should not be blocked. And yet. . . .

If you find me blocking a scarf one day, call someone and restrain me. There is obviously something very wrong.

The yarn is Madeline Tosh, which manages to have this inner luminescense that makes me wonder if they have some unicorns in a industrial farm somewhere and they're harvesting all of their manes and tails. It's also incredibly soft and only a little splitty, and very nice to work with. And goddamn gorgeous. Hoshit.

I didn't do any special lighting on it. It just looks that way.

The accompanying scarf was made out of cascade 220 heathers: not exactly luxury yarn the same way that Madeline Tosh is, but I'm more fond of this pattern:

apparently I can only take pictures against desk chairs? The futon was occupied. Also, I promise that it's greener in real life.

It's based off of Megan Macko's growing leaves cowl, enlongated into a tube scarf. It's a sixteen row repeat-relatively easy to remember, but long enough that it's not quite repetitive. The entire thing was about five and a half feet long, and I was surprisingly not sick of knitting it by the time I finished. I might even make one for myself before winter comes. (Maybe. it depends on who's getting a knitted gift for christmas). I'm fond at how much texture it has-and it still looks pretty awesome kind of folded up and wrapped around the neck. . . you know, when you're actually wearing it.

Also, the leaves look nothing like vulvas. This is a frequent problem with extended leaf patterns. Or maybe it's just a problem I have with extended leaf patterns.

The one thing: the scarf- is incredibly warm. Like, below zero windchill warm. It's a tube of thick wool. The hat? Not so much. it's nice, but it's a pretty thin sock yarn-it'd be nice for a late fall/early spring day. So I have no idea if the recipient will ever wear them with each other. Which is okay, because they certainly look pretty enough apart.
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