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1. I am more proud of this study than I have any right to be. There's further plans. This (and, okay, also this post) is only the start. There is a theme. A mystery, if you will. There isn't a five-year plan, because this isn't for syndication or anything like that, and face it, I'm not that organized.

I did figure out a little bit about tumblr's interface while doing it (mainly, I had to get into the html editor and be horrified by all of the div tags). And I should probably work on getting things a little more visually appealing. Not that they need to be, but remembering to add the generic tags quickly and in the right order, adding a gif or interesting visual outside of the cut. I'm still figuring out how to make my work seem appealing in a visual-heavy area, and I think it's showing.

Not that this is an important life skill or anything, but if I'm doing something, I want to do it right.

2. I've managed to write about 4,000 words this month. Which is not a lot, by any stretch of the imagination, but a lot more than I'd managed in months previous. And not only that, but the things I've managed to write are things I can imagine writing more of, and I'm working on different types of voice comfortably. We'll see how this goes.

3. GISHWHES starts tonight. I was trying really hard to convince someone else to sign up, and that just meant that I signed up instead. Uh. Whoops? I'm excited about my team this year, though! They already figured out the spreadsheet!

4. I've been fluctuating a lot between DO ALL THE THINGS and being happy and productive, and laying down and feeling like I never accomplish anything, and being surly and frustrated. Part of this is because I'm on the job market again, only unlike last time, I don't have a huge nest egg saved up because weddings. I'm sure I'll get through it fine, but until then.

5. My mother apparently had a gang member throw a gun into her back yard? It was a gun that someone was shooting off into the sky, not at someone, during a funeral procession, but still. The idiots were apparently just shooting it off right in front of a cop, who called it in, and they bolted into my mother's next door neighbor's back yard. My mother's next door neighbor is a retired police lieutenant, so he just chilled while the beat cops got the guy out of his bushes and grabbed a ladder so they could confiscate the evidence off his roof. I don't know for sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if an invitation to a barbeque followed.

I long for the days when gang members were at least slightly less idiotic and more professional than they are now.
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I have internet at home!

Okay, so I've had internet at home for about a week now, but then I came down with the plague and spent all of my time sleeping. Or explaining things to people on the internet, but I'm pretty sure I argue with people on the internet in my sleep these days.

I'm working at walking away. The problem is that I tend to walk away into a new conversation, which then involves someone else getting into an argument.

(This is all non-anon, so if you're really curious, you can probably find it. It's pretty predictable stuff.)

Anyway! I also watched TV, too! And now I will tell you all about it.

Revolution )

Also, there was a spoiler clip for Supernatural released, and I will now explain my feelings thusly.

Supernatural 8.1 )

So, what'd the rest of you think?

Hi Guys

Aug. 30th, 2012 11:39 am
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Doing this in a numbered list, because.

1. Most of the reason why I've been gone is that I haven't had a computer with steady internet access at home since mid-June. I was busy moving, and then I moved, and now I just don't have internet access in the study. Working on that!

2. Before I start talking about me, I should point out that Rocksalt-recs is still looking for a D/C reccer for September. So. Are you the sort that likes reading D/C? Do you like telling people what to do? Now's your chance! Fanfic, fanart, fanmixes, podfic, amigurumi, it's all okay. I'm going to be reccing minor character stuff in September, so I can't do it myself.

If I'm too late, then you should totally sign up for October. Or November! Rec things, people.

3. Also, if you have any recs for minor character stuff that you think I should read and then maybe rec, go for it! I promise nothing (and if you want to sign up to rec minor character stuff in the future, that's also a good idea).

More on me )

That's it for now. But... hi guys! How are all of you doing? Still checking lj/dreamwidth? How's that going for you?
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Spoilers: I liked this one, except for maybe the pacing.

Supernatural 7x17 )

Legend of Korra, episodes one and two:

So, this is available legally now here (or here, for those who aren't in the US). Yes, I realize most of you just downloaded this last week.

Spoilers underneath the cut )
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Come join the inaugural CommentMeme at [livejournal.com profile] scifi_spn!

:D :D :D

Prompt things! Crosspost things! Write things! Draw things (especially if it's Jared or Misha in Zardoz)! Help me make this place awesome, guys.

I intentionally left the commentmeme pretty open - It's fic AND art, and you don't have to have a lj handle to participate. So, you know, feel free to pimp this out wherever you like.

and I just noticed I didn't close that tag correctly, whoops
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(okay, it's Gillian Anderson, but still)

Also, Korra has a release date:  April 14th

Also, this.
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First of all, because some of you may not be aware of this and should be:

[livejournal.com profile] tentacle_fest

Second of all, I watched the premiere of Awake yesterday, and I think the only downside to it is the premiere is so lovely, so beautifully made and acted, and works so well by itself that I almost don't want to watch the next episode, for fear that it won't quite be as good.


And I was going to post longer, more in-depth thoughts about it under a cut, but I'm not really sure what to say. It's about grief, in a very real way. And the last scene is killer. Um, if anyone wants to engage me in the comments about it, they can?
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I seem to have developed an allergy to updating this thing. Trying to get over it.

It's not because I don't have anything to write about: I'm planning to post all the sort pieces I wrote for winterval, plus I still need to blather to everyone about books and television and share interesting links with people for the betterment of mankind, or at least so everyone knows what I'm talking about when I randomly start talking about Korra's arms.

Also, I'm still playing Skryim, although the number of quests is finally starting to go down, not up. Maybe one day I'll actually finish! (on hour 112 now...)

Let's start with television. )
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For those who don't follow me on twitter, I lost my phone last week, which is why I'm not taking any of my turns in words with friends.

New phone is ordered (and coming up from Memphis), but I don't know when it's going to actually arrive, and once it does, how long it will take me to get it activated.  But, uh, just letting everyone know why I've stopped checking my phone every ten minutes...

The other side effect of me losing my phone is that I can no longer compulsively check the time.  The way I have been for the past, oh, say, ten to twelve years.  My brain feels weird, guys.

Anyway, the actual reason for this post: Festivids Recs! I really wish I paid more attention to vidding year-round; I just don't seem to have the time or the patience than I used to to find good vids. But Festivids not only typically has high quality work, it has high quality work with material I love but don't see all the time, which makes it even more fantastic.  Here's some recs, though I should note-I mostly watched series I was familiar with, and haven't gotten to many of the download-only vids yet.

Recs for Maru, Middleman, The Wire, Mad Men and more.. )

Edited to add:  I normally don't do much for valentine's day, but I found these and love them all.  Most especially:   Your love is like the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation... It supports me;   I gave you my heart and all you gave me was a tote bag;  and I want you like I want Carl Kasell's voice on my home answering machine. 

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So I just cleared out an update I meant to make over a month ago, before I got distracted and did Other Things with my life.

It should be noted that the first thing I was talking about on that page was Skyrim.

So, quick run down of various things.

Homeland: Liked it, which isn't surprising considering how much I love a) ambiguous protagonists, b) TV that doesn't telegraph too far ahead, and even makes you feel bad for your own internalized expectations, c) Claire Danes being off-kilter, d) Mandy Patinkin being a surrogate father to a blonde girl, and e) David Marciano being Ray Veccio (in admittedly less flashy clothing).

Knitting: Have mittens! Still waiting for winter. (except today, which ended up being too cold for this pair of mittens...)

Goodreads: After having been on it since 2007, I'm actually using it now. You can add me here. I have some actual reviews to post soon, too. Because I need to talk to as many people about these books as humanly possible.

Skyrim: Still playing. Still crazy immersed in it. My character seems to make most of her money selling jewelry, which amuses me to no end, as she's otherwise a tank. For the most part, I like the sandbox feel to it, but I wish there was a little more societal differentiation in it-I get asked if I think if Skyrim should kick out all the non-Nords a lot, and ... I'm not a Nord. And the quest where these mysterious strangers were looking for a Redguard woman was unintentionally hilarious.

Letterhead: Totally trying to see if I can get away with writing letters on some of these.

Self-Cest Commentic meme: Just in case you ever wanted to write about (or read about) someone making out with another version of themselves, go here. In other news, I love that this is a thing.

More later. I need to get myself a pop and then watch supernatural now. Anyway: Hi guys. What's new with you?
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While everyone's been busy hating one social network today, the social network we were bitter about over the weekend (and before that), announced their fix. Which is: they're keeping the real names policy, just warning people before they delete. Also, you can search by nicknames.

. . . not that much better, Google.

For fun, more articles on trolls, anonymity, and google plus:

An article that appeared this Sunday claiming that anonymity leads to trolling

If your website is full of assholes it's your fault

Geek Feminism's wiki on the many different ways that someone can be hurt by a real names policy

Another geek feminism article asking for evidence that real name communities are better behaved than communities with pseudonyms.

More on my thoughts on this under the cut )
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It's been a while since I've done one of these: most of the items I've knitted recently were either gifts or not-quite-finished (note to self: finish braids on beard hat). These were also a gift, but gave me permission to post them anyway. These were a thank you gift made for [personal profile] esteleth

Leafy hat and scarf-just in time for summer! (whatever, my timing is awesome) )
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Today I found out that there's a spinning wheel part called 'the mother of all'. (it's the bit that holds the bobbins and the flyer). I don't know how this escaped my notice before.
Longish talk about the last two weeks of Doctor Who will go up later: this entry got kind of long. Meaning it's five pages in word. Uh, whoops?

Overall: I really, really liked the first hour and a half, but was less enthused by the second half of the second episode.

The Things I Liked )

Things I didn't like )

On The Ending )

Other Random Thoughts )
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*On the making of the Game of Thrones Opening Credits. Also, the heavy metal version of the Game of Thrones theme, over the opening.credits: AWESOME

*One Hundred Articles You Should Read Available online.

*On The Doctor, Influence, and Violence.

*Watch Mark Sheppard through the ages

And not a link, but a random thought: If Balthazar decided to envessel Tyrion Lannister, would anyone notice the difference? Up to and including the point where Balthazar-as-Tyrion angel-teleports away. My guess is no.

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Joanna Russ died yesterday. She was one of the people who is responsible for turning science fiction into a genre that I would want to read, both with her own stories and her essays on the genre. She was one of the first to take slash seriously as porn written by women for women, analyzing the tropes and themes found in slashfic (and she sounded really excited when she wrote about it). Her writing isn't perfect -The Female Man is kind of gross about transwomen, which Russ later apologized for-but it's a hell of a lot better than a lot else that was going on at the time. And I think more than any of the other scifi writers at the time, she wasn't afraid of being that Angry Lesbian Feminist and call scifi on some of its bullshit. And a lot of that bullshit is still going on today, if in a slightly different form (okay, some of it in the exact same form), so it definitely needed to be done.

It's surprisingly hard to find stuff by her on the web-she did most of her writing in the pre-internet era, but I managed to dig up at few links, at least.

"When it Changed" (1972)
A discussion of the reaction to "When it Changed" and The Female Man
The first chapter of How To Suppress Women's Writing (what it says on the tin)
Someone else writing about Joanna Russ writing about slash
An interview between Joanna Russ and Sam Delany at Wiscon a few years ago, where Joanna is pretty much like 'I don't know what's going on in contemporary Scifi or Fantasy these days, but Buffy is awesome'
Thoughts and Reminisces on Joanna Russ at Making Light (be sure to read this one and this one)

So yeah, all of you, go out and read The Female Man or some of her short stories. I can't guarantee you'll like it, but it's definitely worth reading.

This also seems like the appropriate place to post this: PSA: Girls Watch Porn Too

Writing this all out has depressed me more than I thought it would, I'm not really in the mood to capslock about SPN right now. Needless to say, I liked it, am looking forward to next week like whoa. My thoughts are pretty much [personal profile] whynot 's thoughts, only instead of wanting Narnia from Susan's point of view, I'm still sad about the way Dark!Willow was portrayed in season six (it should have been about her lack of self worth leading to an abuse of power, not that magic is drugs and drugs are bad, mmmkay?).  Show is actually giving me what I usually go to fandom for, and I am very happy if a little confused.
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Just in case you were wondering, this is a happy post. Don't worry, I'll probably be mixed about some episode of Supernatural sometime soon. Maybe.

Frontierland )


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