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I haven't been able to go more than a block from my house all weekend (20 inches of snow in less than 24 hours followed by a high of 3 degrees. . . before you factor in the 20 mph winds? Yeah, I'm staying indoors), but I have not idea what I've been doing with my time. Or how it's already Sunday afternoon. Wasn't it just Friday night?

Also, I'm kind of bummed that the gigantic snowstorm of doom had to happen on the weekend-I would have liked to have my first ever snow day from work. Because I'm still 12.

Merlin, Season Finale  )

Reaction to the first episode of Misfits:

Boyfriend:  So, this show is all about what the Tomorrow People would have been like if they were all douches?
Me:  Pretty much.
Boyfriend:  Awesome.

Walking Dead 1x06 )

PS:  Am listening to this, think you should all know.

Also this. Oh God, it's Sophomore year of college all over again.  Warning:  highly catchy.
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I think I'm going to give up and post my SPN 6x06 reaction with my 6x07. . . . when I'll finally have time to watch the episode.  Which might be a while from now.  I'm so jealous of everyone who's already seen it-my friendlist is FULL of  *reactions* and *feelings* and I'm trying very hard not to spoil myself.
Walking Dead 1x01 )
Reverend Horton Heat, feat. Legendary Shack Shakers and Split Lip Rayfield )

Merlin 3x08 )
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